ODSY x KALI Protectives VIVA HelmetBlack

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ODSY x KALI Protectives VIVA HelmetBlack

Better parts can make your riding more enjoyable and allow you to ride longer, and the same thing can be said for the equipment that’s not directly bolted to your bike.

After 30 years in BMX we’ve seen what can happen when people aren’t wearing safety gear, and because of this we’re always thinking of new ways to reduce the possible chance of injuries. Developing our own helmet from scratch seemed like a massive undertaking for us as a component driven company, so we began talking directly with helmet manufacturers. Our experience has shown us that most of the stock helmets out there are very basic and traditional. As our research continued we quickly discovered Kali Protectives, a brand that has a passion for technical advancement that’s a lot like our own.

Kali’s R&D team are constantly looking at what they can do to make helmets safer, thinner and more comfortable. The more we learned, the more we liked, so went to talk to them and soon found that we were both on a similar wavelength when it came to focusing on the helmet’s safety, fit and durability. As a result of this meeting, we are very pleased to offer Kali’s proven and cutting edge technology in our new VIVA collaboration helmet.

Kali Technology

Kali's patented Composite Fusion Three technology molds the shock-absorbing foam layer directly into the hard outer shell. This means that the shell and the foam work together as a uniform composite structure rather than as two separate elements. This makes for a more efficient construction, so the bulkiness of the helmet can be reduced, while the amount of protection offered by the design increases.
The result of this technology is that Kali can make helmets that offer more protection, while also being both smaller and more comfortable. By partnering with Kali we are able to bring these technological advances to BMXers at a similar price to ordinary low-tech helmets.

We’re confident that you’ll be as impressed with the Viva as we were.


  • Anti-microbial pads
  • Locking buckle with sliders
  • Retention systemfit pads
  • 10 vents
  • 475 g / 16.8 oz


  • ABS shell
  • PC under wrap
  • EPS liner
  • SEN 1078, CPSC Certified


  • Small ( 48 - 54cm / 18.5" - 21")
  • Medium ( 54 - 58cm / 21" - 23") 
  • Large ( 58 - 61cm / 23" - 24")