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2019 marks the 20th anniversary of our tried and true 41-Thermal Heat Treatment process! Thank you all for continuing to support these products over the years.

41-Thermal is the 4130 chromoly manufacturing process that starts at the design stage, carries on throughout manufacturing, and is only completed when we reach the finishing steps. There are an endless amount of variables to fine tune, and every action along the way counts and matters.

We introduced 41-Thermal in 1999, and the process continues to evolve and change along with the products which proudly carry this famously trademarked name. Other companies have attempted to write the process off as a “gimmick” or they’ll say, “it’s just heat-treating.”

The truth however is that nothing has revolutionized the manufacturing of chromoly BMX forks, bars, cranks and frames like 41-Thermal has.

We pioneered it, developed it and continue to perfect it, never at the mercy of feebly asking manufacturers to do “whatever that other company is doing.” Our lab and ride testing is methodical – constantly striving to make the process better through continuous experimentation and true engineering.

Lab tested. Team Proven.

Our product testing goes above and beyond the industry standard.

  • Much higher load than industry standard EN tests
  • Load is applied in the correct direction
  • Proper mounting rig to replicate real world use
  • Test doesn’t stop until the product fails

Watch Stampy 41-Thermal Tests

Unmatched and Legendary Lifetime Warranty

41-Thermal products are backed by years of research and development, and they have always been fully supported by a lifetime warranty that goes beyond the lifetime warranties that our competitors offer.

What's Covered?
Structural issues & faults arising from defects in manufacturing
Covered under normal riding conditions*

*Normal riding conditions defined as “Using the bicycle in a controlled fashion that is within your own capabilities.” External forces such as cars, tornadoes, sledgehammers, etc. are not covered because that would be absurd.

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